When a loved one’s challenges include progressive memory loss, it may be time to look into the specialized Memory Care community offered at Rock Island Village.

There are over a 100 forms of dementia or the loss of memory. Whatever the reason, the issues of care for these individuals are similar. A person suffering from some types of memory loss will face a narrowing path and a deterioration of one’s lifestyle and the connections they cherish with friends and family. Memory Care communities like the one at Rock Island Village are specifically designed to enhance the wellbeing of these special people.

Breakthroughs and improvements in medicine can add years to our lives, but not always quality. Memory loss is the fasting growing category of challenges that seniors face today. Rock Island Village Memory Care is ready with the latest techniques to help our residents.

Research indicates that using sight, sound, and even smell to help dementia residents retrieve long-term memories reduces agitation and anxiety, and even improves cognitive function for some.

Communities with memory care programs have reported a higher quality of life in a number of different areas, including reduced medication and medication side effects; fewer falls, injuries, and hospital visits; increased nutrition and wellness; and greater independence and social interaction.

Caregiver burnout is a very real problem. Over time, the caregiver’s physical and mental health will suffer and you’ll have a dual problem to solve.

Signature Memory Care

Rock Island Village provides a signature approach to caring for those with memory loss. Our environment is secure, specially designed by dementia experts to reduce the risk of danger from wandering. We craft a personal, meaningful experience every day that engages the resident in the moment they are experiencing in a kind and compassionate way to guide them through their day. The well trained staff creates an enriched environment with mental, physical, and spiritual opportunities to promote engagement and self-esteem. They focus on building strong, personal relationships with residents and their families to develop a care plan for each resident based on their prior lifestyle, particular needs, and strengths.

Our Memory Care program includes…

  • 24 hour trained staffing in a safe, secure and home-like environment
  • Private apartments
  • 3 balanced, delicious meals
  • Engaging activities and social interaction designed especially for memory care
  • Individualized plans of care so you or a loved one can enjoy life to its fullest potential
  • Center courtyard for safe outdoor activities
  • Opportunities for social interactions with the other residents of the main house

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