Memory Care

Memory loss can take us to a difficult place in life. Comfort and compassion for the family is as important as proper placement for the senior. At Rock Island Village, we offer a host of activities and services that help to lighten that burden felt along the journey.

At Rock Island Village, memory care residents can still celebrate new beginnings.

Our residents have access to special programs designed to stimulate memories, leading to a rich, meaningful, nurturing environment. Emphasis is placed on using images and memories from the past that remain vivid and clear to communicate with our clients.

Our team gets to know each resident, and we help to create memory boxes that provide a link to happy, calming memories, songs, and cherished moments from the past.

Individual Service and Care Plans Include

Core Memory Care Services

  • Understanding the resident by engaging family in understanding who the resident was before dementia
  • Developing activities based on hobbies and favorite pastimes of our residents
  • Understanding the full medical history as it impacts the development of dementia in each resident individually
  • Focus on daily exercise type activities to maintain physical functions to the best of a resident’s abilities

Cognitive Stimulation

  • Ongoing memory stimulation in an easygoing environment with a sensitivity to not agitate residents who are struggling
  • Working with family and helping them understand the process of dementia and how best to enter into the new reality a person with dementia is experiencing

Additional Memory Care Services

  • Exercising to music
  • Sensory activities
  • Meaningful socialization
  • Appealing beverage options to encourage drinking of fluids and avoiding dehydration
  • Delicious meals and snacks
  • Visiting pets
  • Religious services

Validation Therapy – A Better Approach

Validation therapy is a wonderful program used by our memory care staff that emphasizes empathy and listening. We view dementia residents as unique and worthwhile with a message to share. The caregiver’s job is to offer these individuals a means for expression, either verbally or nonverbally.

Validation is about the person’s needs. Instead of ignoring or stopping what might be viewed as irrational or illogical behavior or conversation, validation offers alternatives. It focuses on the objective of being “here and now” and doesn’t ask why.

For example, if a senior is confused and talking about a relative who passed away long ago, the caregiver may focus on one point of the story and divert the senior away from the frustration of not having that person with them to one that is more manageable, thus lessening stress and calming the resident.


Each resident will be assessed for appropriate placement in the memory care unit. Their family physician will be asked to fill out and sign off on a questionnaire focusing on the individual’s history, medications, and functioning status.

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