Meet the Fosters

Rock Island Village is wholly owned by Anastasia & Chris Foster. Anastasia was born and raised in Jefferson City and Chris hails from Osage Beach.

Anastasia Foster has driven for Meals on Wheels for 6 years and serves on their Board of Directors. She has come to deeply appreciate the special challenges faced by many of our Seniors. Chris Foster has been involved in development all his life, including over 1200 units of condominium, big box, and commercial properties. He has led the way on the concept, financing, and construction of Rock Island Village. Anastasia has developed the heart of the business, focusing on the management, aesthetics, food service, design, amenities, and activities. Their baby son, Rockford, provides the light and love.

The Fosters know how much Seniors have to offer their community. Bringing folks together into one big welcoming home can bring a sense of security, well being, and fun for Seniors who no longer wish to live alone. The Fosters welcome you to their home… Rock Island Village.

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